Sunday, November 8, 2015

Literacy With An Attitude- Finn


I found Finn to be one of the most informative pieces we have read all year. Specifically, I saw many connections to Finn with Lisa Delpit, Allan Johnson, and Kristof.

"The status quo is the status quo because people who have the power to make change are comfortable with the way things are". (Finn XI)
- I saw immediately before even reading this piece that is section was highlighted, and immediately I turned and thought of Allan Johnson and his whole idea of power in society. Finn states basically that the people with power do not feel the need to change the status quo because they're comfortable where they are at. This means the people without power can suffer due to the simple fact that they do not hold or control the power. Like Johnson says, we must learn to SAY the WORDS to make CHANGE.

"I made assignments so easy so that the least able students could do them. I gave "extra credit" assignments for the students that finished early....I corrected and graded and returned every paper next class so that students felt that completing assignments mattered" (Finn, 4).
- I saw this quote as almost an anti Kristof moment. Kristof argues in his piece that he was basically left behind by his teachers and principals due to his lack of caring. He saw schooling as Institutional and not Individual. Here with Finn, he is promoting that individuality and making sure he leaves no students behind. Finn is promoting the fact that schooling matters for all people.

Lisa Delpit also shined through onto Finns work on page 4. Finn was talking about his discipline within the classroom, and how he established his rules and codes of power early within his teacher. Finn has his own style of making sure the students obeyed him, as he always demanded respect from his students.

Finn's "Literacy With an Attitude" was actually very interesting to read, as it told a good story for me as a future teacher. The one main idea that I really took away as important from Finn's work is to always promote schooling as important to every students, and to make sure you can find a connection to every student within the classroom.


  1. I am going to use your blog to write off of. I agree with you and your connections you made.

  2. I found the same connections and even used one of the same quotes. And I liked your personal connection at the end