Monday, November 30, 2015

Shor- Empowering Education


I picked this article from the Huffington Post because I found the ideas thatchy talked about related to "education and politics" to be rather interesting. The opening line of this article starts as 
"when you mix politics with religion, you get politics", stating the power that politics holds within out society". 
The article then goes on to states 
"His point was that while you may think that political power gives you leverage you need to engineer the social changes you want (in Carlson's case, conservative Christian changes), politics always ends up in the driver's seat."
As I was reading the blogs this week along with Shor's piece, Namita brought up a pretty interesting and important point, as she and Shor both went against this main idea brought up in my hyperlinked article. The truth is, in some areas...yes politics may take the front seat in deciding what is done educationally. However, in other far more democratic areas, education also has an effect on politics. Namita used a great quote from Tina, which was ""Shor and Freire are right because as they say, the teacher works in favor of something and against something.  Due to this, he or she will have a great question, how to be consistent in his or her teaching practice with his or her political choice."". When I was reading my article, I immediately thought back to this quote, which I later found on Namita's and Tina's blogs. This quote directly goes against my hyperlinked article, but Shor is showing that teachers have more of a say in the politics debate, and that politics and actually effect education as much as education can effect politics as long as people are willing to push for this.


  1. It is very imported to push you are right, question why we need to do somethings!